Ayurvedic Postnatal Massage

£60 for 75min

(£50 for current yoga students)


£70 for 90min Mother and Baby Massage

in the comfort of your own home

(incl. handout for baby massage)


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Your baby/babies are welcome during the session


"After my son was born I felt so tired, my neck and back were sore and I just had no time for myself. Marinella came to my house and created a warm, comfortable atmosphere where I could really relax. After an hour-long postnatal massage my muscles felt revived and my neck and upper back pain was reduced. The special Ayurvedic oil was lovely on my skin and I slept brilliantly that night. I would recommend a postnatal treatment with Marinella for all new mothers without hesitation." Caroline


More reviews can be found on my netmums page and I would be very grateful if you could add yours :)

Ayurvedic Postnatal Massage


Massage after pregnancy
After the birth of your baby/babies your body needs a lot of support, rest and nourishment and the optimum activities for you and your baby/babies in this vulnerable and precious time are: resting, bonding, healing, receiving nourishment. The first three months after the birth are often considered as the 'fourth trimester', since it can take you another three months to feel integrated, find rhtytms for sleep and eating and adjust to a new daily life. Some says that postpartum lasts for two years.


Many cultures around the world have postpartum rituals and diets for health, healing and vitality. In India for example, both mother and baby are massaged and nurtured daily for at least 40 days after the birth. How wonderful!

Even if you can't afford a daily massage from a trained practitioner, I highly recommend you to receive at least one (better three to five) Ayurvedic postnatal massage as soon as possible after the birth (from day 2 after a natural birth or 6 weeks after Caesarian). You will be massaged thoroughly from head to toes with lots of warm sesame seed oil to soothe and ground you and to deeply nourish your postnatal body facilitating the organs and connective tissue return to their pre-pregnancy condition and location. 


Some of the main benefist of Ayurvedic postnatal massage are: 

•   Gives you some precious time to look after yourself and nurturing and emotional support to gain back your lost energy 
•   Promotes muscle healing and spinal alignment, important factors in returning your body to its pre-pregnancy state 
•   Relieves lower back, shoulders and neck pain from carrying and breastfeeding your baby  
•   Provides a deep state of relaxation 
•   Helps in reducing fluid retention and in weight loss by giving new tone to your  muscles

I am very happy to travel to your house to give you the treatment, especially if is at an early stage after delivery. I always enjoy to create a special and relaxing space for you and your baby!

You can receive the massage on your own or with the company of your baby and we can also include baby massage in the session, a must for a healthy, colic free baby. Read more here.


I also offer self-massage tutition session: self-massage can become a great daily ritual for you during your postpartum recovery, especially followed by a lovely and warm bath...


Please also consider postnatal Arvigo Therapy® (Maya abdominal massage) as a wonderful way to help your abdominal organs shift back into their optimal position after the birth and to heal any specific conditions, such as postnatal prolapse or other pelvic discomforts, as well as breaking up scar tissue after a Caesarian birth. This massage therapy is also wonderful to energetically reconnect you to your creative centre, your womb, giving thanks for the amazing job of creating a new life! Self-care massage is always included in an Arvigo session. View more info on Maya massage here.


Whether you choose Ayurvedic Postnatal Massage or Arvigo Therapy® you will be taken care of on every level, bringing you back to your core self and to feeling great!



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