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Birth Preparation Workshops


I offer YogaBirth preparation workshops specifically aimed to empower and support you and your birth partner through labour and birth with: breathing techniques, yoga movements and restful poses, guided relaxation, acupressure points and massage. Plus some holistic guidance on the first hours after birth and the first weeks of parenting.


These sessions can be: 

* a private session, just for you and your partner in the comfort of your own home

* or a small group session

This allows me to offer you as much support as possible and to create a safe and nurturing environment for everyone, in which we can really go deep and let go fully into the process. All sessions are tailored to your needs.


A private birth prep workshop is £95 per couple and lasts 2 hrs

A small group sessions is £80 per couple and lasts 3 hrs

In both cases a £25 non-refundable fee is required to book your date. 

Please email me for more info and bookings

"Thank you so much for coming tonight, I feel excited for labour and bringing our baby into the world! Cannot thank you enough!" Cori

"I have attended 2 NHS classes in preparation for labour and breast feeding and to be honest both have left my husband and I feeling nervous and under pressure to conform the medical advice and requirements all of which have there benefits.  
Marinella's yogabirth workshop was simply wonderful; I came away actually excited to give birth and experience my mind switching off and freedom of my body taking over.   I felt high on life and the next stage of our journey.  My husband was beyond happy that I was so positive and I have harnessed this positive energy and will take this with me for the next stage. Thank you'" 

"My partner and I struggled to find antinatal classes that were based on physical and practical work. We tried hypnobirthing and a couple of other things before deciding to work one to one with Marinella. Marinella worked closely with my partner, teaching him about Acupressure points and massage for pain relief. The classes were very hands-on which we loved and my partner really enjoyed creating a collection of spiritual and practical tools to use during labour.
From working together as a couple we developed more confidence, clarified our roles, gained a deeper connection & understanding of each other and of the birth process and were able to use all this knowledge as strength in overcoming our fears." 

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