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'As PE coordinator at Hannah More Infants school I had been searching for new experiences for the children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage one. I got in contact with Marinella Benelli about delivering a creative yoga workshop for all the children of varying ages. The result was a fantastic experience for all the children which was brilliantly unique. 

The yoga was planned and timed well and fit in with the topic of the term; Rainforests.  The children began their workshop with a warm-up appropriate to the age of the classes, Marinella used Yogi Bear to guide the children on their Yoga journey through the Rainforest. 

Numerous classes said that the yoga made them feel “relaxed” and “happy”. One thing the whole school liked was the way Marinella was able to capture the imagination of the children and develop their awareness and empathy towards current issues in the Rainforest. All the children took an active role in the yoga and were able to practise a variety of yoga positions independently. 

I found the whole experience inspiring, fun and creative! I would highly recommend Marinella to other schools who are looking to enhance their PE curriculum in a creative way. I look forward to inviting Marinella back to Hannah More Infants next year for another memorable Yoga Day!'


Emma Walls

PE Coordinator

Hannah More Infants School



Children's Yoga and Mindfulness


Yoga for children has many benefits, also for me as a teacher, as I learn so much from the little ones!


  • yoga postures encourage whole brain learning and memory retention as children learn with their bodies

  • yoga reduces stress and tension in the mind and body and help children to handle emotions

  • yoga postures boost children's immune system

  • relaxation and breathing exercises help improve children's concentration and attention

  • positive affirmation help to build self-esteem

  • yoga postures help children to become more flexible, build strenght and stamina - allowing them to become more confident and at ease with their body

  • yoga postures also help to imporve children's coordination and balance

  • by learning new movements based on animals and objects familiar to them, children will be interested and more motivated to learn

  • yoga stories weave moral themes from yoga philosphy which help social and emotional development - including working with partners and role play activities to support thier personal thinking and language skills

  • yoga teaches children to have fun and be creative with their bodies


Mindfulness for children is great as it is a path of meditation and is not confined to sitting still - so it works great for them! There are many mindfulness practices such as outdoor walking meditation, washing the dishes, driving, hugging and eating. As a child's attention span can be short, practicing sitting still can be a big challenge, so movement meditation (with focus on the breath) can be very useful.

The main benefist of mindfulness for children are:

  • increases self0-awareness

  • birngs a sense of calm and well-being

  • helps children to manage their emotions

  • imporves concentration and the ability to sit still

  • decreses stress and anxiety

  • encourages gentleness, compassion and empathy

  • prepares pre-school children for 'sitting still' which will become more apporpriate when they go to school


I work with children aged 3 to 7 years old in schools and nursery pre-schools (for sport days or afterschool clubs), as well as for private parties/events.


I generally offer yoga stories created and based around the themes that support the curriculum, including cultural / moral / ethical stories.

These stories take children on imaginary adventures which they act out using safe yoga postures: this can really stimulate their imaginations and develop their natural flexibility, balance and strength. 

Each story also includes simple but powerful breathing and relaxation techniques and mindfulness practices that can bring a further sense of grounding and balance to the children. My approach is aimed to facilitate each child's unique and special developmental skills in a non-competitive way, promoting a strong sense of community and support among each group.













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