Closing the Bones Ceremony

Closing the Bones is a ceremonial way of returning a mother to herself, both physically and energetically after childbirth. This ritual is inspired by a number of postnatal traditions from around the world, but particularly Latin America and Asia. In these traditional cultures a woman is taken care by the whole community prior and following childbirth, in a way that we seem to have forgotten in the West, and in a way that is so healing and empowering for the new mother...

Many women find that when they have given birth they feel 'broken open'. The body, mind and spirit have to open and let go from a deep place to bring a new soul into the world. Closing the Bones helps the new mother to bring herself back together. The physical work brings her bones and organs back into their right places. The honouring, focus and intention of the ceremony helps the woman draw her energy back into herself.

I offer a Sealing Ceremony, where the woman is 'tucked in' using beautiful scarves around her head and eyes, shoulders, ribs, pelvis, hips, knees and feet and each part of her is honoured. I also generally offer a short belly massage with warm oil to call in for the 'closing' energies after birth and return the women's creative energy to her centre, her womb. Optional foot or hand massage can be included and performed by other women participants in the circle. 

Most of all this ceremony is about bringing the new mother's community together, so that she can be held, nurtured and celebrated for her amazing job as a mother, as well as the wonderful woman she is! It's about sisterhood and support and so I encourage the women taking part to the ceremonies to share their own or favorite poems, stories, gifts, laughers and tears and's a co-created sacred space, always different, always inspiring, always healing.

This ritual can be performed from 40 days onwards after the birth of your baby. 

I had mine nine months postpartum, to mark the end of yet another nine month cycle: nine months in and nine months out of my own baby - and the energetic shift that I was sensing in returning to feel being a woman, as well as a mother...

I am very happy to discuss the many ways we can make this ceremony suitable to you and your own personal please contact me.

I look very much forward to connecting with you and to holding this powerful ritual for you and your community of women!

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"Thank you Marinella, it was such a special day! The feeling of the ceremony is slowly sinking in and it feels quite profound, a real difference between before and after. I'm basking in the love and support I felt and feeling the glimmers of a new phase beginning..." (April)

"I decided to have my Closing the Bones ceremony in 2017, 5 years after the birth of my twin boys via emergency Caesarean section. I had a relatively long labour and resisted this option for a long time during the labour, so when I consented I was very afraid.
I held this fear and trauma in my body for a long time and was only able to release it a little at a time.

Closing the Bones allowed me to reframe the story of my birth and enter into a different phase of my life. Marinella is a dear friend and we met during my pregnancy so it was so very precious to have her guide us through this gorgeous ceremony. The women who shared this journey with me were those I felt I was able to be vulnerable with.
Marinella's energy is really gentle and she is really skilled at this work. She is a powerful and wise woman which makes her ability to be incredibly tender even more remarkable. I would  recommend her work and this process to anyone. It was profoundly moving and a great honour to be witnessed and held in this way.

Thank you darling Marinella!" (Rachel)

"I had my Closing the Bones ceremony today on my little man's 9th month birthday earth side and very close to my sweet girl's third birthday - it was the most perfect time for it.

Marinella held the ceremony in a wonderful way! There are really no words to describe how beautiful it was: enlightening, awakening, releasing, nurturing and utterly precious! Much more went into my journalling today. Grateful doesn't cut it. Marinella you are a gem! Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Every mama must have this! x"  (Vikki)

Some sweet memories of my own ceremony, Nov 2016

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