In Tune with the Moon Yoga Circle

Wednesdays - from 12th September 2018

9.45am - 11am 

Wildgoose Space, 228 Mina Road, BS2 9YP
£10 per class, pre-paid in block of 6-8 consecutive classes - term time only

These yoga classes are for all women that wish to connect more deeply with their inner rhythms, whilst living in harmony with the moon cycle. These sessions focus on nurture and self-care, menstrual awareness, self-inquiry and rest, sharing our stories and dreams, building community and sisterhood, through delicious feminine yoga practices, yoga nidra, sound and breath work in a safe and supportive circle. Pre-booking essential as spaces are limited. 


The circle was open on the first new moon of 2018 and it has grown and evolved in such a beautiful and organic way since then! Over the past months, we have created a real community of women that comes together every Wednesday morning to sit in circle, share life stories (the good, the bad and the ugly), rest, meditate, sing and practice nourishing feminine yoga suitable for all levels and needs. A community and a circle that lives beyond the walls of the venue that host it every Wednesday morning, a circle that is alive in each women'a heart and is present for her whenever she needs it.

You are welcome to enter our circle if you feel the calling, but please contact me beforehand to make sure that there's space...

with love and sisterhood, 

Marinella xx


Earth Moon Mala

Bristol, BS16 1JS

United Kingdom


ph: +44 (0)7856125677



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