Babies & Children


Children are our future, they are the adults of tomorrow, they are our teachers.

Children are full of prana, creative energy and playfulness, they are the potential in action, they are the spring season of the life cycle. 


We need to nourish these little seeds of growth with love, care and respect and empower them to become the best adults they can be. And we can start from when they are still inside us, in our womb. 


Babies and children are much more in tune with the elements and senses, they are pure and totally in the present moment! Two of the five senses, the sense of hearing and the sense of touch develop very early in the foetus: working with yoga, sound and other mindful practices we can facilitate our children's development since even before they are born! Both touch and sound are soothing tools for the little ones: singing a lullaby or chanting a mantra, as well as offering your loving touch with a massage, can calm and settle your baby and create a stronger bond between the two of you.


Yoga and Mindfulness practices can be of great support to the physical, emotional and pshycological development of children, allowing them to express their full selves and inner elemental forces from an early age. 


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