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Natural Face Lift Massage
This is a wonderful holistic and non-invasive treatment that incorporates a unique blend of highly effective techniques drawn from both Indian and Japanese face massage. It is  aimed to achieve healthier and younger looking skin, whilst relaxing the whole body.
This massage is very good for: improving complexion, removing toxins from the face by lymphatic drainage, preventing and removing facial wrinkles and age spots, as well as  balancing the emotions and prana or life force. Although it is impossible to fend off the aging process, this massage works towards reversing it, by releasing the face from any ingrained expressions and freeing tensions within the facial muscles and the connective tissues. It is performed with no oil or cream, making it ideal for anyone suffering from allergies to products.

"Marinella is a passionate and highly skilled therapist with amazing hands.  I have been having the natural facelift massage for some time now and it has certainly made a difference to my skin tone: it looks more refreshed – I just love the treatment! I always leave feeling totally relaxed." Moira



Nasya (Ayurvedic Sinus Treatment with Face Massage)
This treatment is designed to clear the sinuses and to allow proper flow within the head and neck area. It works on all the five senses and creates a wonderful opening and sense of clearing. It starts with a head, neck, and shoulder massage, then a facial massage with firm strokes, focusing on the sinus points. After a steam inhalation, herbal nose drops (nasya) are applied in the nostrils whilst another massage aids their absorption. 
This is a great treatment for people who suffer from chronic sinusitis or congestion problems, and can benefit everyone in spring time after a sluggish winter. It is also very good for: allergies, headaches, asthma, eye problems and other problems of the neck and head region.



Ayurvedic Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage
The head, neck and face region is of vital importance in Ayurveda as it is the centre of the whole nervous system, the seat of the five senses and the first point of entry for prana(life force) into our body. 
This massage is seated and fully clothed and can be carried out anywhere. It is aimed to: nourish the five senses; relieve eyestrain, headaches, migraine, blocked sinuses, knotted shoulder; stop hair loss and premature graying; improve the complexion, reduce irritability and heal insomnia and other Vata disorders. Sesame oil or other herbal oils can be used if desired, to stimulate hair growth and induce a deeper relaxation.

"I found Marinella to be intuitive with her understanding of my needs when giving her Shiroabhyanga. She spent time asking questions and really listening to my answers at the beginning, to increase her awareness of who I am and what would be most helpful during the session. The massage was really relaxing and I felt it also helped on some deeper levels, which I can't really explain. I can highly recommend Marinella's Shiroabhyanga to anyone interested." Sharon


Kansa Vatki Foot Massage (Indian Reflexology)

According to Ayurveda the feet contain many important nadis (energy channels, also known as meridians in Chinese medecine) and marma points (vital energy centres along these channels) and the whole body benefits when these channels and points are worked in a session of Ayurvedic reflexology. This is a combination of applied hand techniques, work with the Kansa Vatki (three-metal bowl) and marma therapy. The Kansa Vatki is at the heart of this treatment and adds a new dimension to it. It is made of copper, zinc and tin, which all have different healing properties: copper can help in reducing pain, inflammation and arthritis; zinc can help in functioning of immune system and digestion; tin can help in relieving headache and insomnia. 
Benefits of this kind of massage include: calms the mind and promotes quality sleep; improves circulation in the feet and legs; nourishes the skin; helps with sciatica; balances Vata and Pitta; improves eyesight and hearing; alleviates pain, whilst improving muscle tone and strength. 

"Marinella was wonderful, using a combination of her hand and the three-metal bowl a range of different effect were achieved. While the treatment is confined to the feet and lower legs, the results are not. During the treatment I could feel my arms, chest, throat and forehead being stimulated. Definitely a treatment I will repeat." M.




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