Postpartum Self-Care Workshops 

A truly unique workshop to help you set up your own self-care plan once your baby has arrived!

Recommended for all pregnant women from 25 weeks onwards


Not enough importance is given to the mother and her physical, emotional and mental health in the first tender weeks after birth and yet the changes that a woman experience in these first six to twelve weeks are almost as great as those experienced during the entire pregnancy!

The body is recovering after the birth (the biggest opening experience of a woman's life) and the heart and mind are adjusting to the new identity as a mother. All the advice and focus is generally on 'how to' with your baby but I can't highlight highly enough how important it is to look after yourself first.

This workshop is an on going labour of love that brings together my own personal research whilst I was pregnant and my experience as first time mum, as well as a decade of practicing as Ayurvedic therapist and yoga teacher. 

The aim of this workshop is to support and empower the mother into practising basic daily self care rituals to bring about healing and vitality in her body, mind and soul after the birth of her baby/babies.


This workshop is especially recommended as part of all other antenatal classes and is suitable for all pregnant women at any stage but can be useful also for postpartum mothers with babies in arms (aged 3-10 weeks); just please check in with me before booking your space.

The focus is on the fourth trimester, the first three months after the birth, with a special attention to the first forty days postpartum - considered by many ancient traditions and holistic health systems, such as Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, the crucial ones in terms of postnatal recovery and healing and the foundations of the woman’s health for the years ahead and her next rite of passage of the menopause. The first forty days postpartum are also considered the foundations of good health and vitality for the baby themselves.

Nurture, support, rest, grounding and stabilising are some of the key words in this process of postpartum self care that I will share with you with: simple and gentle yoga practices to relax and revitalise body and mind; basic nutritional advice for these early weeks to restore your body after the birth and aid milk production; perineum and breast care practices; self massage and belly binding practices and much more...

Birth gets a lot of attention, but the real work starts once your baby is earth side, so gathering information and suggestions on how to make the early days of mothering more nourishing and easeful is very important indeed. There'll be very little time to even think some days!

I offer small group sessions in my home in Eastville. Please email me for upcoming dates or to book your own private session.
Cost: £40 from three and up to six women (for private session please click here).
It includes a handout with plenty of things to help you set up your own self care plan to support you once your baby has arrived.

SPECIAL OFFER: by attending this workshop you are entitled to £5 off Ayurvedic pregnancy or postnatal massage (with or without baby massage)
You can receive a postpartum massage from day 2 after a natural vaginal birth or 6 weeks after a belly birth (caesarian). The postpartum massage session can be tailored to include also Ayurvedic baby massage, if you like. 

"I loved hearing about the importance of postpartum self care in a way that relates to the deeper more natural side of child birth. Marinella has a reassuring confidence in the reality of our inner power as women.
Among other things, we were shown how to do our own massage and doing this everyday since my baby has been born has been a huge help in helping me nurture my body after childbirth.
Marinella shines a light on the importance of self care postpartum which too often gets overlooked in regular antenatal classes, which can be in many classes too clinical. She also talks openly about aspects of the birth that are neglected in our culture.
I was sat with a lovely view of the garden which made me feel like I had come out of the city. It’s lovely to be welcomed into a home environment, a refreshing change from a public ante-natal space or hospital.
Marinella is a gift from Mother Earth giving us all the tools to polish our inner diamonds, so they sparkle bright enough to welcome our babies earthside with joy and guides us on this special journey of motherhood
" (Emily)


"Being pregnant for the 2nd time, it was important for me to learn to look after myself better this time round! We live and learn! I had never heard of such a workshop or even the books that you referred to during the workshop during my 1st pregnancy; I am pleased that 3.5 years later, the importance of nurturing ourselves as mothers and being nurtured postpartum is becoming more known. 
I loved the space and opportunity to learn and think about how I could implement the advice being given. I also liked we got a handout so we didn’t have to take notes and remember everything! It was also invaluable being able to share opinions/knowledge/advice between us as a group. 

It was lovely to be in your home - made me feel very connected to you" (Katherine)

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