Pregnancy Yoga


Yoga is the ideal exercise for pregnant woman. It is widely recommended by midwives and doctors to expectant mothers as a way of keeping fit and mobile whilst doing the amazing job of growing a baby!
Pregnancy Yoga can:

  • keep your body supple without straining

  • boost energy

  • relieve stress and anxiety

  • relax and promote restful sleep

  • be used to relieve pain in labour and childbirth

  • relieve common minor ailments such as swollen joints, heartburn, constipation...

  • help you to bond with the unborn baby/babies through breathing and visualisation techniques

You can start practising pregnancy yoga safely from week 12 and carry on until birth. 

My weekly classes are intended to create a safe and supportive circle of women that goes beyond the class itself, creating community and long term friendships.

Both during my weekly classes or in one-to-one/private sessions you will learn simple but effective breath and relaxation techniques and yoga postures to keep fit and mobile, manage common pregnancy ailments and to bond with your baby/babies in a nurturing and supportive environment. 

*No previous experience of yoga is needed ~ pre-booking essential*

'Marinella's weekly yoga class has been a real highlight of my pregancy - I have loved meeting other pregnant women in my local area and am looking forward to staying in touch with them after the birth of my baby.' Elfie

'I deeply appreciate all I have learnt about my pregnant body through the months of doing pregnancy yoga with you. It has given me a lot more confidence to keep active as a pregnant woman and to feel energetic and happy, or to help me shift out of tired/low mood states equally. It's meant a great deal to go through this journey with other women at a similar stages over the months. I would definitely recommend working with you to anyone.' Emma

More reviews can be found on my netmums page and I would be very grateful if you could add yours :)



Pregnancy Yoga 

Every Wednesday 6.30 - 8pm
£12 per class, pre-paid in blocks of 6-8 consecutive classes - term time only 

*shorter blocks deals available if you are at the end of your pregnancy, please enquire*
























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For 1-2-1 pregnancy yoga therapy and private groups please contact me directly


"I started in Marinella's group yoga classes which I loved! The classes are a fabulous way to not only move your pregnant body in a safe environment, but to share openly and

communicate with other pregnant women in the class.

As my pregnancy progressed I started to have one to one classes with Marinella which have easily been the the best decision of my pregnancy. Each week I have been lucky enough to work on any personal issues I have had in my rapidly changing body. Moving into my late pregnancy I have also had the chance to physically prepare for labour and birth by learning helpful positions and relaxation and breathing techniques for each stage of labour.

This is turn has given me so much more confidence then any antenatal class could do!"  Sarah

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