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Most Read Scientific Papers

Explore the most downloaded papers from Scientific Reports in 2019.

  • You are new to reading scientific papers. 1: For each panel of each figure, focus particularly on the questions outlined in Rule 3. 2: You are entering a new field and want to learn what is important in that field. Focus on the beginning (motivation presented in the introduction) and the end (next steps presented in the conclusion). 3

  • Answered 6 years ago · Author has 3.2K answers and 28.2M answer views. The biggest jolt to scientific theory came in 'The Miracle Year' for Albert Einstein (1905). He published four different papers, each of which disrupted and redirected scientific thought. Any single one of them would make a scientist famous.

  • Turing’s paper on AI (“Computing Machinery and Intelligence”) is very good, although it’s one of the most badly misunderstood papers in academic history (mostly because almost no one has read it; we all just assume what it says).