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Well-Woman Yoga Therapy

First session (incl. consultation), 90min: £70

Follow ups, 90min: £55

Follow ups, 60min: £45

Prices include handouts & recordings of the practices








Well-Woman Yoga Therapy



Women are creative, women are powerful. And the seat of our creativity (our inner power!) is inside our pelvis: it is our womb or womb space, our source place in which we can nurture and bring to life many creations: babies, projects, dreams... however we don't often aknowledge or take time to honour this amazing powerful place inside us and this can cause many physical, emotional and psychological problems for some of us, leading to PMS, sub fertility and other reproductive and digestive conditions... 


Well-Woman / Womb Yoga Therapy has been holistically designed by my teacher Uma Dinsmore-Tuli to assist and support all women during their life cycles and seasons with delicious, feminine and nourishing yoga practices, breathing, sound, meditation and relaxation that honour and celebrate the beauty and biomechanic of the female body and her needs, using each woman's menstrual cycle as a wheel to guide this wonderful therapeutic approach (with full awareness of the connection between the menstrual cycle and nature's seasons and the moon phases).


"Womb Yoga brings us home to ourselves as women.

To honour the natural cycles of our womb life

is to dance in time with the cosmic rhythms of the universe."

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli


I have had the privilige to work closely with Uma since 2009, as a student, apprentice and assistant on her training courses, with great benefits for my own practice and my professional practice with other women. Her womb yoga therapy, together with menstruality and the Ayurvedic approach to the menstrual cycle are the foundations of my therapeutic work for women's health and well-being.


I am very passionate about sharing these therapeutic practices to support other women in their journeys: I enjoy both sharing them in circles or with individuals and find that every time we bring our full conscious awareness to our creative centre magic and healing happen...


I offer 1:1 Well-Woman Yoga Therapy sessions to suit your needs, whether you need support:

  • to promote healthy menstruation

connecting you with your inner seasons and the 'moon within' through a nourishing practice, that always honour where you are in your monthly cycle, and the support of menstrual literacy

  • to relieve PMS, (pre)menstrual pain and other menstrual difficulties

helping you to understand and address the 'hot spots' days in your cycles and the current or past experienced issues to bring about balance and optimum health, whether you suffer from irregular cycle, endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, heavy bleeding, pelvic floor weakness and other structural pelvic issues

  • if you are experiencing fertility issues

working holistically with the five bodies (physical, pranic, psychological, intellectual and spiritual) to unlock blockages that might be the cause of your fertility issues, in order to restore and boost your overall well-being

**I can also assist you if you are undergoing IVF or other ART treatments with some deeply restorative and nurturing practices**

  • for pre-conception care

encouraging you to engage with a yoga practice that doesn't deplete your ojas (inner juices) and that fully honour your inner rhythms, working to promote natural fertility and a positive attitude to conception

  • during pregnancy and birth

nurturing you as your grow your baby/babies, addressing whatever specific issues might arise: PGP, heartburn and other digestive complaints, sleeplessness, sciatica, swelling, breathelessness, emotional disturbances...

  • for postnatal recovery

facilitating your body-mind to readjust and integrate after the birth of your baby/babies, whether you are experiencing postnatal prolapse or other postural issues, emotional disturbances - or if you just want to be nurtured and taken care of

  • after miscarriage

providing you with a safe healing space and nurturing tools to grieve, rest and restore your body-mind for a positive new beginning!

  • during your perimenopausal and menopausal years

allowing you to fully embrace the next season of your life as a woman with deep nurturing and grounding practices and full conscious awareness, whilst addressing any specific issues (from physical or emotional: prolapse, mood swings, hot flashes...) you might encounter on the journey...













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Please note that in most cases Arvigo Therapy® can be of huge support and boost your Well-Woman Yoga Therapy sessions.


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