Women's Yoga & Sacred Singing Circle




















Come and connect with your natural feminine rhythms

Honour the cycles within which we, as women, create, breathe, meditate, work, celebrate, rest, strive and pray. 

We explore restorative postures, invigorating sequences, pranayama, Yoga Nidra practices and sacred singing.  

Every session is inspired or dedicated to a Goddess from various traditions

and explores and honoursour deep connection to the Earth and Moon cycles.

All women of all ages are warmly welcome and no prior experience of yoga is required

4 circles each year, held in the beautiful Wild Goose Space, 228 Mina Road, Bristol BS2 9YP


These circles started in 2014 together with my soul sister Rachel Fleming, who now runs them on her own. All the dates are generally around the change of each seasons to reflect the change of our inner seasons through the cycle and our life as women... We work with the different seasons  energies every time with yoga, breathing, meditation and yoga nidra, sacred singing, tears and laughs...all in our sacred and supportive circle of women.

Stay in touch: 

‘Marinella and Rachel create a beautiful, welcoming and nurturing environment for women to explore their femininity through womb yoga. I've found their different styles of practice compliment each other perfectly and I've learnt something new about myself and the women I've shared the space with at every class. I particularly enjoy the combination of meditation, chanting and poses within a women's circle. Thankyou both!’ Sarah

‘I have been going to Marinella and Rachel's womb yoga classes for some time now...and absolutely love them!  Both are two of the best yoga teachers I've ever worked with, and have such a warm way of teaching. I  find the womb yoga offers a unique space to find your inner sanctuary, strength and centre as a woman. It has helped me become more in tune with my own cycles and to some degree accept the ebb and flow of life, emotions and everything that comes with being a woman. Classes are friendly and welcoming, and I would recommend them to every woman!!’ Emma


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