Women's Yoga Through the Seasons

This is a yoga class for all women that combines feminine yoga practices with menstrual cycle awareness and seasonal awareness, and that draws from the timeless wisdom of the five elements system as a framework to hold each session.

As we travel together through the seasons of the year we will focus on a different element and its corresponding meridians (body's energy lines) and body parts through specific yoga, breathing and meditation practices to help us staying healthy and in harmony within and without. 

Pre-booking essential as spaces are limited. NO DROP IN.

Wednesday, 8.15 - 9.15pm

£9 per class, pre-paid in blocks of 6-8 consecutive classes - term time only 

"...Wednesday evenings with you are my moment in the week when I let go of everything and give myself permission to stop.  To let everything around me stop.  I take the time to step out of myself. It is the time in my week when I can honestly give myself a break from the constant mental bashing. 

I have learnt so much about myself, as someone who struggles to connect with how I am really feeling, talking about my emotions in a circle of women has been one of the most powerful things I learnt to do. Learning to connect with my menstrual cycle and take a power from it has been such a revelation.  I didn't know this existed.  Why didn't our mothers tell us?  I look forward to sharing it with my daughter.  The education of my feminine self has been life changing and I am so grateful to you for guiding me to it..." (Julie H.)

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