Welcome to Earth Moon Mala


Welcome to Earth Moon Mala

Yoga ○ Ayurveda ○ Massage ○ Ritual for Women's Health and Wellbeing

EarthMoon Mala offers a holistic approach to support women’s health and wellbeing that draws from the intrinsic relationships between the Earth and Moon elemental energies and cycles and women’s bodies and their inner seasons. 

By understanding and honouring these intimate connections in our daily lives we can bring healing and wellbeing to ourselves, our ancestors and the future generations...


Namaste ॐ 

I'm Marinella and I am delighted you have found me!

please make yourself a cuppa and take your time to browse my offerings and musings...

and read more about my story 

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Why Earth Moon Mala?

A mala (meaning ‘garland’ or ‘wreath’ in Sanskrit) is a praying necklace used widely in both Hindu and Buddhist traditions (also similar to the Christian prayer beads or rosary) for keeping count whilst reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra or the name or names of a deity. This practice is known in Sanskrit as japa and is a very powerful tool for healing and transformation. By connecting with the sound and resonance of a mantra we can shift old patterns and allow for our body-mind to open, awaken, and heal.  


To me a mala can be seen as a symbolic mirror of the cyclical nature of all life, of the Earth and Moon cycles and of women’s bodies, as we all go through our inner cycles at our own pace: a cycle of the Earth’s seasons takes 365 days or thirteen moons, a cycle of the Moon takes approximatively 29.5 days and a menstrual cycle takes on average the same (although lots of women have shorter or longer cycles), whilst a life cycle takes a life time...

Whilst meditating with my mala I came to realise that our going through the different cycles of life with full conscious awareness is a sacred practice, just as sacred as using a mala for prayers and invocations.


The idea of the Earth Moon Mala logo came to me through much musing and dreaming and was designed by my dear friend, amazing mum and creative goddess Georgina Rose Anand to whom I am profoundly grateful! 

I also wish to give thanks to Rebecca HarleyHolly Wallace, Kathryn Chandler and Kasia Kiliszek for some of the beautiful massage and yoga photos on this website!

I give thanks to my mother and all the other women of my family, past, present and future

for having inspired me to walk this path of healing and empowerment.

I give thanks to all my sisters,

the wonderful women that hold space for me and feed my soul daily.

I give thanks to Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon

for constantly reminding me that I am part of the sacred flow of life and cycles

and that each phase of each inner and outer cycle is necessary and has a value. 

And give thanks to all my teachers

for their support and wisdom shared to enlighten my journey so far,

as well as to all my students and clients for being a daily reminder 

that we are all students and teachers on one another healing journey...


Blessings, love and peace on us all...

Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu...


Earth Moon Mala

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