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Your Healing Journey: One to One

Personalised Massage, Yoga, and Care Packages

To book my following bodywork services, please go directly to The Family Practice website:

• Abdominal Therapy Massage
• Ayurvedic Massage for Women
• Ayurvedic Pregnancy Massage
• Ayurvedic Postnatal Massage

• Scar Therapy Massage


 'As a personal note, when I refer to 'womb' I am implicitly referring to the womb space - that energetic creative space that is within us, even if the anatomical structure(s) have been removed.' - Marinella Benelli

'Marinella is always professional, loving and caring and her unique ability is in holding precious space to breathe and reflect on our journeys as women and mothers, accepting who we are as we are in the now so that we may find self-compassion. Thank you for all that you offer, including beautiful friendship'.   - Amy Thornley-Heard

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