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My Offerings

An Overview of my Services


I have put together this page to introduce you to all the ways my work can nourish and support you on your journey of womanhood. My work evolves  with my life and inner cycles and this is my way of nourishing and honouring myself on my own journey, as I support you.  I look forward to connecting to you soon!


By practicing yoga with me you are invited to embrace feminine, fluid and nourishing movement, breath, sound and meditative practices in perfect harmony with the cycle you are in. And you are always invited to pause and rest through the practice of yoga nidra, so that you can 'return home to yourself': to the home of your body and your sacred heart. Rest is essential for our hormonal, physical and mental health and overall wellbeing as women, the starting point for your journey of healing and transformation. 


Massage is a subtle healing art that enables you to (re)connect to your body, your mind and soul. 

Ayurvedic Massage is blissfully relaxing and almost hypnotic, with warm oil and flowing repetitive strokes that can very quickly soothe the nervous system and restore the whole physical body. It is a nourishing head to toe experience for all phases of womanhood. 

Abdominal Therapy Massage is a wonderful healing modality specifically aimed to support optimal menstrual, hormonal and digestive health. And when you receive this therapy, you are also taught a self-care routine to be empowered to continue your practice at home.

Prenatal + Postnatal Care

Whether you are on your preconception, pregnancy or postnatal journey, you will find something that can support and nurture you exactly where you are. 

Nourishing massage, weekly yoga circles, therapeutic 1:1 sessions, and beautiful ceremonies enhance your journey into motherhood. Special postpartum doula packages support you and your family during your first 40 days after birth.

All is offered to you with reverence and intention, holding you mama as sacred, as you are the vessel through which 'our future' is created, birthed and nourished and you deserve the best care possible, whilst you do your continous and unconditional work of love. 

Women's Circles

Being in a circle of women is one of the most empowering and magical experiences that there is. Gathering in circle increases your level of oxytocin and benefits your whole nervous system. It also gifts you with a sense of belonging and sisterhood, which is essential for your wellbeing and evolution as a woman.

The circle has no beginning and no end and it's the perfect embodied expression of a cycle. It is the most ancient form of gathering for women, deep medicine for the soul.


Join one of my circles to experience the magic and healing that women create together!


Ayurveda & Cycles

Living Ayurveda means living in harmony with Nature and all inner and outer cycles, by paying attention to the elemental changes around us and inside us, so that we can adapt our daily and seasonal rhythms accordingly.

Women we are gifted with an extra special cycle, the menstrual cycle, which holds us in the flow of life. In Ayurveda a healthy natural cycle is vital during the childbearing years and is the foundation of a positive and empowering menopause. 

Ayurvedic wisdom and natural cycles are weaved in all my sessions, like the thread that holds the beads of the sacred mala that form my offerings.  

'Marinella creates a warm and inclusive environment, tailoring everything to each individual and circumstance. It's a welcoming and unique experience in what seems like a very competitive and comparison-centred world. A mix of yoga and energy work and all sorts of other magic! Highly recommend her as a healer!'  - Amy Bingham

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