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Earth Moon Mala Policies & Disclaimers

Cancellation Policy:

Unfortunately last minute cancellations do not allow time to fill the session. Therefore please note the following cancellation policy when booking.

For 1:1 sessions in person or online 

Cancellation or changes made more than 48 hours before your scheduled appointment: No charge

Cancellations or changes made less than 48 hours before your scheduled appointment : 50% of session cost is payable

Cancellation or changes made less than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment: Full session cost is payable

For postnatal doula care

A 10% non-refundable deposit (on the total of your chosen package) is required to hire Marinella for postnatal care - then the rest of the fee can be split to up to 3 payments over the first 3 months after your baby's birth. Last minute cancellations on one of your arranged home visits are not ideal, but Marinella is very accommodating with postpartum work, and so, should you have to cancel last minute, you will simply be given the next available appointment (which might mean that we go beyond your first forty days).

For yoga circles or workshops in person or online:

For weekly yoga circles full fee is paid in advance and no refund is given if you miss one or more sessions in the block.

Should you need to stop attending the circles for whatever reason, you will be given a monetary voucher of the value left on the total you paid, minus a 25% admin fee. You will then have 3 months to use up your voucher. 

Please note - drop in is rarely possible for weekly circles (only if the course is not full) and a different price applies. For more info, please email Marinella

For prenatal circles only:

If you are due within the block you are booking onto, please email Marinella beforehand to arrange an alternative payment fee, that can be offered only if the course is not fully booked. Should you give birth earlier than expected, please note that any remaining sessions will be moved to the mum and baby yoga circle.

For seasonal circles or workshops please see the 1:1 sessions cancellation policy above.

For Gift Vouchers:

Each voucher comes with a 6 months validity.

Cancellation Policy

Privacy Policy:

Earth Moon Mala Privacy Policies are in compliance with EU data protection law. If you have attended an event with Marinella Benelli, or received a massage, or expressed interest in her work in the past, she may hold some information about you in digital or written format.


What type of personal information does Marinella collect?

In order to be able to send you individualised, relevant information about Earth Moon Mala services, Marinella keeps personal records of all who contact her. These records are:

  1. Your email address, home address, and contact telephone numbers for bookings (when applicable). Marinella does not share this information.

  2. The dates of services that Marinella have provided for you, the type of services that she has provided for you, and the details of why you are seeking services from her.

  3. Sometimes there are written and/or digital notes summarising the content of the services Marinella has provided for you.

How is this information stored?

This information is held in password protected files on Marinella's computer, which is also password protected. 

When  you  contact Marinella through her website ( your email and physical address (if applicable to a bookings session) is also stored by her web hosting platform ( This information is stored on secure servers behind a firewall.

How does Marinella use this information?

Marinella  will only ever use your personal information to contact you regarding supporting you in your healing journey.

This will be within the scope and legal basis of legitimate interest (i.e. you have expressed an interest in Earth Moon Mala services, therefore there is implied consent for Marinella to contact you regarding working together). Marinella may contact you in the following ways:

  1. Sending you personalised emails and text messages to assist you in booking her services or to respond to communication that you have sent her.

  2. Group emails to let you know about her services and availability to work with you.

  3. Sending her newsletters or inspiring stories to keep you motivated and excited for your journey.

Does Earth Moon Mala share this personal information with anyone?

No. Your information is not shared with anyone else.

Should Marinella feel that it will be beneficial to seek advice or extra support from other professionals to support further, she will always gain your explicit consent before sharing any information about you (which will always be for your intended benefit).

Information I get from other sources

Unless a partner or family member freely shares any information about you, Marinella does not obtain information from any other sources.

Does my website use cookies?

Like many websites, Earth Moon Mala's website uses cookies to help make the site work best for you. You can view the cookies that are used here. The information collected and stored by these cookies is not personally identifiable to you.

Your consent:

Reading this Privacy Policy and/or contacting Marinella via her website gives implied consent to the storage and use of your data as listed above. If you decide to remove your consent to any part of how Earth Moon Mala uses or stores your personal data, please contact her directly and Marinella will delete all your information. If you have any questions about the policies listed above, please contact her.

Privacy policy
Disclaimers & Concessions

Disclaimer: Use of the word 'Womb'

As a note, when Marinella refers to 'womb' in her scope of work, she is implicitly referring to the sacred womb space; that energetic creative space that is within all of us, even if the anatomical structure(s) have been removed and/or altered.

Disclaimer: Working with Cisgender Females

In today's beautifully diverse community, Marinella feels it is important to honor the many faces and genders that lie within the scope of "feminine self-care." She wants to honor this truth and also share that since she is a cisgender female, she feels most comfortable drawing from her own personal experience. Therefore she feels it is in the best interest of her clients to know that she feels most competent working with cisgender females.

However, this does not exclude any sessions or work with transgender females or queer females who wish to seek healing sessions. She will also gladly refer you to someone who is more tailored for your experience - if needed.


Concessions are available for some of Earth Moon Mala services for those genuinely in need.  Marinella is sometimes open to energy exchange offers and you can email her to check.

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