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Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula

Sacred Care for Your First 40 Days

Mothering mothers has been my strongest calling since soon after I embarked onto my holistic path. And my dedication to this calling has definitely become stronger since becoming a mother myself in 2016.

As a conscious postpartum care advocate I am on a mission to change the paradigm of postpartum care by returning the mother at the centre of the whole care system. So many traditional cultures have always known and done this and we are now rediscovering and restoring some of their ancient healing practices to support families again in a way that is truly sacred.

I personally draw from Ayurveda, India's ancient system of holistic healthcare, that believes that during the first six weeks after giving birth the mother's whole being (on a physical, emotional and spiritual level) is ripe and ready for healing and transformation, thus receiving specific conscious care during this time has a more profound healing effect than at any other times.

I am glad you are here and that you are feeling the calling to receive deep nurturing care for your first forty days...

"42 days for 42 years" is a mantra that Ayurveda shares to highlight how the experience of the first forty days after birth can shape the next forty years of life.

Thus living these first forty days as a sacred process of receiving supportive care is crucial for so many reasons.


With my 10+ years of experience in supporting mothers through therapeutic yoga and massage, and my Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregiver qualification, I am honoured to offer you the best care possible to make your sacred first 40 days a truly special and unforgettable experience, like it has been for me and my family.

My wish, through this postpartum work, is that we can collectively restore all the parts of the whole cycle of creation, and embrace the natural need to rest & slow down in the time following birth, so that mothers and families are able to fully integrate change and welcome regeneration on a physical, emotional, spiritual level, without feeling rushed into getting back to what they used to be before ...

I look forward very much to supporting you and your family through this most amazing and transformative journey!

'Investing in Marinella’s doula support has been one of the wisest and most rewarding decisions I’ve ever made. It has helped me to create my Sacred Window as an expansive, nourishing and joyful time to recover from labour and to set the most loving foundation for my new identity as a mother, and our life as a family.' - Sarah Diver

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