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Words from the Hearts of Others

  • On Prenatal & Mum and Baby Yoga Circles
    ☾ 'Though I am immensely grateful for the wonderful care that our community health system provided me on my pregnancy journey, there is no real space or time made available to fully engage with the magnitude and beauty that this experience can bestow. Then there is Marinella, a woman of deep wisdom who knows just how to create such a space. A space of open welcome, attentive listening, soothing restfulness and shared wonder.’ (Frances Key) ☾ 'Marinella is a gift from Mother Earth giving us all the tools to polish our inner diamonds, so they sparkle bright enough to welcome our babies earthside with joy and guide us on this special journey of motherhood.' (Emily Pearman) ☾ 'Thank you so much for your sessions Marinella! We are all so blessed to have you in our lives and that it is because of you that we all come together. You are magic. We all adore you and everything you do: the safe space you create, the way you hold each of us and our babies - you allow us to access the tribe as it should be - you enable us to connect and enter a parallel existence, a glimpse of how it once was, how it should be: the women together, all aspects of the divine feminine.' (L King) ☾ 'I don't want to think about how different things would have been if it weren't for Marinella's prenatal yoga and baby yoga classes! Like lots of new mothers, I didn't have the emotional support network and companionship I dreamed of. Marinella and the spaces she made were that for me. She guided me to connect with my baby and myself in exactly the way we both needed, exactly when we needed it, and I will always be so grateful to her for that.' (Jessie Brinton) ☾ 'Mum & baby yoga is the thing I look forward to most in my week. It gives me time for myself as well as time to connect deeply with my second baby. The warmth and safety Marinella creates is amazing. It lifts my spirits and grounds my body and the yoga is very well targeted to help ease the aches of motherhood. I always leave feeling physically and mentally restored". (Lara Smith)
  • On Women's Circles
    ☾ 'Marinella creates a warm and inclusive environment, tailoring everything to each individual and circumstances. It's v welcoming and a unique experience in what seems like a very competitive and comparison-centred world. A mix of yoga and energy work and all sorts of other magic! Highly recommended, love it!' (Amy Bingham) ☾ 'Marinella combines women's circle, moon wisdom, yoga and sister solidarity to create a very special and nourishing space. It's exciting to be learning in such a gentle and safe space. I am loving the cycle of coming together each week, sharing where we each are, noticing where the moon is and practising yoga together with that in mind' (Emma Ryan) ☾ 'What precious space Marinella shares. Weaving in her wealth of knowledge, curiosity and experience of women and their cycles in to the magic, mystery and support of the cycles of the natural world. Marinella's spaces are authentic, welcoming, insightful and so incredibly holding. This is a wonderous woman to be around to learn from and with, and I wholly recommend her and her work with deep gratitude.' (Emily) ☾ 'Marinella holds the space beautifully to create a nurturing and playful circle. The exploration of the moon and her cycles has been a real journey, I am now so much more aware of the cyclical nature of the moon and how I can use that to understand my inner cycles. It has been so grounding during these strange times and a real reminder to be in nature as much as possible and to look to the sky' (Emily Walsh) ☾ 'I found Marinella’s monthly New Moon Women’s Circle at a time when I was longing for connection with other like-minded women. Even though we could not meet in person, Marinella held space for us in such a way that it felt like the distance created by the screens between us dissipated and I truly felt the presence of these beautiful women in my heart. Facilitating such a feeling of connection and sisterhood is no easy task but Marinella does this with grace and love. I am so grateful to her for creating a space to feel seen and heard and to offer that for other women too. I am looking forward to the next Women’s Circle already.' (Nicole) ☾ 'I remember the tired and weak and wound up and stressed and overwhelmed person I was when I first came to your mother nurture circle. The instant relief I felt when I lay down and you sang a mantra. It was such bliss. I feel so much stronger and better now after many circles with you. Thank you for mothering me. You are an angel.' (Julie Higginson)
  • On Postpartum Care
    ☾ 'After you left it felt like a dream that a wonderful and calming presence had come with delicious treats, pretty flowers and a nourishing massage. Thank you so much!' (Molly Price) ☾ 'During pregnancy I consciously set out to give as much love and attention to preparing for my fourth trimester as I did for my birth, and I am so happy we chose to call in Marinella’s support for this. Her care began before the birth of my baby, as we worked together to get everything ready for life after birth, and I found this preparation so valuable in itself! After our baby arrived, Marinella was a reassuring, calm and loving presence and part of our ‘village’ during this precious time as a brand new family. Each visit she brought smiles, wisdom, and deliciously nourishing Ayurvedic treats made with love especially to suit my constitution and recovery. Most importantly, her visits gave me the opportunity to take time just for me: providing deeply nourishing rest with massage, yoga and meditation. Marinella’s healing touch has helped me reconnect with my body. Feeling so held and supported by her gentle care has helped my confidence in new motherhood, and has made me more resilient to its challenges. Ultimately I know that investing in Marinella’s doula support has been one of the wisest and most rewarding decisions I’ve ever made: helping to create my sacred window as an expansive, nourishing and joyful time to recover from labour, set the most loving foundation for my new identity as a mother, and our life as a family' (Sarah Diver)
  • On Ayurvedic Massage
    ☾ 'The massage Marinella gave me when I was full term pregnant was so precious. She tended to me in such a way that gave me chance to fully surrender and feel comfortable at a very uncomfortable time. I will cherish the experience forever and highly recommend all women to honour their body by booking in for a massage with Marinella.' (Kate Braithwaite) ☾ 'I had the most amazing Ayurvedic massage with Marinella. I felt utterly relaxed, and went super deep into a state of relaxation. I highly recommend her for yourself or as a gift for a friend! (Seanie Louise)
  • On Abdominal Therapy
    ☾ 'Thank you so much for your magic! I feel fantastic, in a sense I discovered a different dimension to my body, it is wonderful. And I have had no discharge or pain, and my digestion has slowed down to something that although it is feeling strange, for it is new, is in truth regular and feels normal. Thank you!' (Villy Tichkova) ☾ 'Over the past year, both my PMT and stomach cramps had been steadily worsening, to the point where I had a couple of cycles where I experienced crippling pain: I was unable to stand up or do any of my normal day to day things at all - painkillers were a must normally, but now were not even having any impact on my symptoms. After my first appointment with Marinella, my next period was already more manageable and I had the confidence to stop and listen to my body more carefully. I have had 3 treatments now and it has become a totally different experience - of course there is some sensation, but no need to even think about getting the painkillers out. I have found the 'permission' that Marinella gave me to slow down very important and I make sure I look after myself better now and this has actually meant that I can carry out the day to day essentials of life, rather than being confined to bed. The massage itself is so relaxing and the power of touch truly healing, I'd happily lie there for much more than the hour! But the self care support has been invaluable too: I am able to continue with self-massage at home, tune in with the energy of my cycle more honestly and am beginning to trust my body again. If you are in any doubt whether this treatment could help, I would urge you to give it a try - it's been transformational for me. Thanks Marinella!' (Kim Mousley) ☾ 'What I loved the most about this treatment was the overall care received, as well as Marinella's gentle response to working on my belly. I also loved the work on my hips, legs and back as it felt very supportive of the work done on my belly at the beginning. The repositioning of a bump that was discovered was worked for a while: Marinella did a gentle manipulation that felt specific & freeing and was pleasant to receive. I carried on with working it at home, grateful to have received clear instructions for my own massage and after care to fit in my daily life. I feel Marinella is a very safe and supportive therapist and for this I was able to greatly trust her with my own being and appreciated a lot her listening/holding skills and tenderness.' (Jo Harrison)
  • On Mother Blessing Ceremony
    ☾ 'Marinella facilitated an enchanting and magical Mother Blessing to mark and celebrate my right of passage into motherhood. After working with her on yoga for my whole pregnancy, having her sit in my circle and facilitate the ceremony was the closest I could come to recreating and reclaiming all that is sacred about pregnancy, birth and community. She brought trust and relaxation to all of my friends that previously had no experience with pregnancy, birth or spiritual practices. The Mother Blessing has helped me forge a strong community of friends and family who are now fully aware of what I will emotionally and practically need as a new mother on her journey.' (Sarah Maguire) ☾ 'I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful Mother Blessing online! Even if it wasn’t for the pandemic, I'd still consider to have an online ceremony as most of my sisters are spread out in different countries. Marinella organised and held space beautifully and it was clear and great communication between us, as she weaved in my wishes in the ceremony. And also managed all communication and details/instructions with the group - which I really appreciated. The ceremony gave space for everyone to share and we had a sense of sacredness, even via zoom. I can really recommend her work and the beautiful ceremony we all created together was an empowering experience not only for me & the baby, but for all the participants'. (Anahi Ramirez)
  • On Closing the Bones Ceremony
    ☾ 'I decided to have my Closing the Bones ceremony in 5 years after the birth of my twin boys via emergency Caesarean section. I had a relatively long labour and resisted this option for a long time during the labour, so when I consented I was very afraid. I held this fear and trauma in my body for a long time and was only able to release it a little at a time. Closing the Bones allowed me to reframe the story of my birth and enter into a different phase of my life. Marinella's energy is really gentle and she is really skilled at this work. She is a powerful and wise woman which makes her ability to be incredibly tender even more remarkable. I would recommend her work and this process to anyone. It was profoundly moving and a great honour to be witnessed and held in this way. Thank you darling Marinella!' (Rachel Fleming) ☾ 'Thank you Marinella, it was such a special day! The feeling of the Closing the Bones ceremony is slowly sinking in and it feels quite profound, a real difference between before and after. I'm basking in the love and support I felt and feeling the glimmers of a new phase beginning...' (April Iles)
  • On my services as a whole
    ☾ 'Marinella is an extraordinary human being. I have attended her pregnancy yoga, birth preparation workshop, mum and baby classes and her beautiful women's circles. Marinella also facilitated my Mother Blessing before the birth of my second child. Lastly I have seen Marinella 1:1 for yoga, yoga nidra and pelvic floor work. Her teaching is warm, skilled and intuitive, inclusive, sensitive and so so nourishing. The pregnancy yoga and women's circles for me particularly felt like such a sacred space. Marinella holds the space so authentically and beautifully. There was always opportunity to share and be real, honest and vulnerable with other women and a chance to connect deeply with ourselves, with other women and with our growing bumps. The yoga is always balanced, carefully curated, connected to the seasons and the phases of the moon and I felt fully in my body, comfortable and deeply stretched afterwards. My Mother Blessing was perfect, I felt like a goddess, held up by my sisters and Marinella was the thread connecting the whole thing. She devised and facilitated rituals, blessings and activities for my friends and I and I was showered with love and positivity. It was honestly one of the most beautiful and memorable experiences of my life. I particularly loved the chanting, drawing 'mother's wisdom' cards, having my belly painted and sharing on a deep level with my very closest friends and sisters. My 1:1 with Marinella was also incredibly nourishing and tailored so perfectly to my needs. I was able to deeply let go into the relaxation she prepared for me, and I learnt so much from her expertise around the post natal body, I left feeling brand new. It's hard to put into words how much I respect and value Marinella, her service to women and mothers is enormous and precious. Thank you Marinella, you really are amazing'. (Jessica van Delft) ☾ 'I started my journey with Marinella whilst pregnant with my daughter in 2014. Her pregnancy yoga sessions were nurturing and allowed me to focus on the connection with my baby, which was the thing I treasured most about them. I have had Ayurvedic pregnancy massage, mother and baby yoga classes and Women’s Circles with Marinella, which have opened up a new connection to myself, my child, my menstrual cycle, the planet and the other women in my community - even via Zoom throughout the various lockdowns we have been able to benefit from genuine connection because of the healing, open space she holds for women at many different stages of their lives. My most precious experience with her was having a ‘Closing the Bones’ ceremony, which was bespoke to me and my closest women. My journey into parenting was very difficult mentally and the ceremony enabled coming together to celebrate my crossing the threshold into motherhood. It showed me that my closest women hold me on the way through this life. Marinella is always professional, loving and caring and her unique ability is in holding precious space to breathe and reflect on our journeys as women and mothers, accepting who we are as we are in the now so that we may find self-compassion. Thank you for all that you offer, including beautiful friendship”. (Amy Thornley-Heard)

"The uterus is the woman's core, if it is out of balance her whole life is out of balance - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually."  - Don Elijo Panti

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