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Yoga • Ayurveda • Massage • Doula • Women's Circles

Tender Care for Women
through all phases of life.

Supporting You Where You Are...

Are you ready to feel at home in your body? Do you desire to connect more intimately to the inner & outer cycles and rhythms?

Many of us long to come home to the nourishment of ourselves. It's as if it is a part of the intuitive and highly cyclical journey of being a woman.


When we honour the magical and sacred expression of the divine feminine, we are empowered in our healing journey and in the embodiment of our best selves.


I hold a safe and gentle space for women ready to create a life of reverence, ritual, and intention through the healing arts of yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, massage, and communion with nature.


I am glad you are here, welcome.


Gentle nature-focused care celebrating women and the divine feminine.

The Heart of My Offerings

Cyclical Wisdom

My offerings are rooted in a holistic approach to women's health and wellbeing that draws from the intrinsic relationships between elemental energies & cycles, women's bodies, and our cycles and seasons. This work is an invitation to honour the macro & micro of the feminine cycle of life, Nature's and our own.


Ritual is the honouring of the divine cycles found in all aspects of nature. Yoga and Ayurveda have personified nature as feminine for millennia. She is said to be the giver of life, the mother of all mothers. By adding ritual to your daily routines, you cultivate awareness around and (re)connect with these sacred cycles of life.


Self-care is the core of all my offerings. Whether it's yoga, massage, Yoga Nidra, Ayurveda, or other holistic approaches; all of these sacred modalities are essential forms of medicine that you can carry with you throughout your journey of womanhood.

Honouring the Divine Feminine Cycles

Earth Moon Mala with Marinella Benelli

"A mala, or 'garland' or 'wreath' in Sanskrit, is a prayer necklace used widely by many spiritual traditions to use while reciting a mantra or prayer. This practice, known as Japa in Sanskrit, is a powerful tool for healing and transformation.

To me, a mala can be seen as a symbolic mirror of the cyclical nature of all natural life. The cycles of Earth, Moon, women's bodies, and our inner cycles, etc. 

For example the Earth's seasons take 365 days or 13 moon cycles to complete one full cycle. Whereas a Moon cycle, and women's menstrual cycle takes approximately 29.5 days.

Whilst meditating with my mala one day, I realised that when we go through the different cycles of life with full conscious awareness, it is a sacred practice similar to using a mala for prayers and invocations.


Earth Moon Mala's mission and logo is a reflection and honouring of these natural cycles and abundant benefits that come from living in harmony with these natural rhythms."


'What precious space Marinella shares. Weaving in her wealth of knowledge, curiosity and experience of women and their cycles in to the magic, mystery and support of the cycles of the natural world. Marinella's spaces are authentic, welcoming, insightful and so incredibly holding.'  - Emily

"When you truly connect with your heart and womb space, your life is transformed. You live with purpose & intention, you move & breathe in tune with the rhythms of nature, and you feel a deep sense of being 'at home' within yourself." - Marinella Benelli

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