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Abdominal Therapy Massage

Abdominal Therapy Massage is rooted in ancient lineage and has come to us thanks to the work and teachings of Dr Rosita Arvigo, who spent decades learning from and working with a Maya shaman and bush doctor, midwives and other traditional healers in Belize and was able to enrich this ancient knowledge with her own understanding as a herbalist and napropath. Her work in Belize continues today, she is a true inspiration and guide.

This therapeutic massage is wonderful and I believe it is the honouring of the lineage and its intrinsic spirituality that makes it so unique. My own journey with it has been transformative on so many levels, and it’s become a daily self-care practice that is supporting me all along my journey of womanhood.

Abdominal Therapy works on restoring the body's natural balance and inner harmony using deep (but nurturing) abdominal and fascial integration, which assist general circulation and improves all-round health and well-being. Circulations brings vitality to our organs optimising digestion, energising the nervous system, endocrine system and supporting reproductive health.

The massage sequence itself incorporates abdomen, back, neck, hips, legs and sacrum.

At the heart of this therapy are education and self-care. The whole of you is taken into account during the initial consultation, so that both you and I can better understand your condition and create the best care plan to suit you (which often involves also other healing modalities). This work is about you actively understand and being empowered on your healing journey. So as part of your first treatment, you are also taught a self massage routine (YAM - Your Abdominal Massage) to continue your healing process with your own hands.

"...My sessions with Marinella helped to land a really powerful piece for me in my healing journey. The term 'self-care' wasn’t really a thing back then - so to learn self-care for my womb as an easy practice to be able to connect with and look after my womb was such a gift and one I still regularly use…

Thank you Marinella: I love the way you hold such ancient knowing and share with so much grace, care and generosity." Deborah Stanley

Through Abdominal Therapy I can assist you in:

  • relieving menstrual irregularities and other ailments (endometriosis, ovarian cysts, uterine bleeding, PMS);

  • enhancing your fertility;

  • supporting with preconception care, postpartum care (including prolapse uterus/bladder) and after miscarriage;

  • relieving pelvic congestion pain;

  • supporting with perimenopause and menopause;

  • preventing recurrent bladder or yeast infections;

  • relieving constipations or other digestive disorders;

  • reliving headaches/migraines and low back pain;

  • relieving restricted breathing due to anxiety and tension.

"Over the past year my PMS and stomach cramps had been steadily worsening to the point where I had a couple of cycles where I experienced crippling pain: I was unable to stand up or do any of my normal day to day things at all - and painkillers were not working anymore. After my first appointment with Marinella, my next period was already more manageable and I had the confidence to stop and listen to my body more carefully. After 3 treatments it has become a totally different experience!...

If you are in any doubt whether this treatment could help, I would urge you to give it a try - it's been transformational for me!" Kim Mousley

"Thank-you for a wonderful abdominal therapy session the other day. It has certainly connected a lot of dots on my healing journey and is an indispensable tool to add to my collection! It has also been so so helpful just to talk things through with you and it has given me a lot of lightbulb moments in regard to my condition and all the things that have fed into it.

I felt so woozy post-massage - it’s like my body has forgotten what it feels to be eased of tension! When I arrived I was in pain but when I left it had greatly subsided. I’ve just done one to myself today and have definitely felt an improvement in my symptoms, slowing down and grounding myself as part of the practice is beautifully effective..." Ines Osh

"Marinella supported me with abdominal therapy massage to improve circulation and aid relaxation. After only two or three sessions I fell pregnant against all odds and I believe her encouragement, support and massages all contributed to helping my body and mind prepare...

I am continuing to benefit from her massages in my third trimester of pregnancy now: I find this and her calming nature a great support and would recommend Marinella to anyone!" Chrissie

I am so grateful to be able to continue to share this ancient healing therapy through my own hands and heart and prayers, as I hold you through your journey of transformation and (re)connection with your centre.

If you are ready for the journey and would like to book your consultation and first treatment please click here, I look forward to supporting you!

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