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Closing the Bones

Holding space is one of my favourite things. Ritual is another one.

Being with women is another.

Closing the Bones is to me the quintessential expression of these three things together and I always feel 'at home' when I am holding one.

This ceremony is inspired by a number of postnatal traditions all over the world but particularly from Latin America and Asia, and it's mainly linked to childbirth. It has the intention to help the mother 'come back to herself' after the mighty opening (physical, emotional, spiritual) of birth.

Traditionally performed at the end of the first 40 days, it can be actually done at any point of the mothering journey, whenever the woman is ready to receive it, as well as at other times that are not strictly related to childbirth. It's a really beautiful way of honouring cycles, the closing of one and the beginning of a new one.

Over the years I have had the immense honour to hold many Closing the Bones for mothers at all postnatal stages (even after several years of giving birth), after miscarriages and terminations, after hysterectomies, after menopause, and during challenging fertility journeys. And every time I have witnessed profound transformation, the kind that cannot be explained in words and that only the heart can fully understand.

The experience of the scarves wrapped around the body is unique, so comforting and healing, timeless and mystical in a way - I have experienced it myself in my own closing the bones 9 months after the birth of my baby. It's like being inside a cocoon or back in the womb, getting ready to be re-birthed. In the evocative words of one of the mothers I have held:

"I found being wrapped very powerful because it brought a feeling of being so physically held. This was deeply healing at a time when I was doing so much holding for my baby. They say that the baby is born during birth but that the birth of the mother happens some time after. For me, 18 months postpartum, the unwrapping of the scarves really felt like I was born 'mother'. As I emerged, I realised I had been into a truly liminal, ceremonial space where I received a simple vision that continues to support my mothering today.

I think this ceremony is incredibly important in the honouring and care of new mothers. It receives you physically emotionally, spiritually in a way that few other things can. And I think the depth of Marinella's presence, along with her respect for and understanding of the maiden to mother journey, brings the potential for big inner shifts to occur during the ceremony." Hayley Anderson

If you are called to it, this ceremony will support you wherever you are on your journey: to return to yourself, to (re)connect, to release what needs to be released and to welcome all that you need. And you will be held by myself with the deepest kindness, respect, compassion, wholeheartedness and nourishment for both your body and soul. I hold space with the biggest gratitude and honuring for all my teachers and guides and for the Great Mother, who always holds me every time I am in ceremony.

So what happens during a Closing the Bones? When you choose me, you can expect: a deeply soothing and dreamy yoga nidra to guide you towards your heart's intention for the ceremony, a safe listening space for your story to unfold, a beautifully nourishing Mayan abdominal massage, a healing Sealing Ceremony with the scarves, sacred mantra and sound and few extra little bits of magic that are uniquely weaved in each time, according to your story and needs. Plus some tasty Ayurvedic treats to bring you back to earth after our dreamy time together.

Are you ready for yours? Please click here to read more and book yourself in, or share this post with other women that might benefit from this beautiful healing ceremony.

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