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My Story

Updated: May 15, 2021

My name is Marinella. I am a lover of the moon, the sea, the trees, the cycles and all that is sacred. I seek sacredness in daily mundane things and in the work I offer to women.

I am in service of women and the Great Mother.

In my work I combine Ayurvedic wisdom, therapeutic women’s yoga, abdominal therapy, menstrual cycle awareness and my deep love for the moon and earth cycles to hold a safe and nourishing space for you to (re)connect to your essence, to ‘come home to yourself’, and to feel empowered by this inner work of transformation. And all these elements are the foundations of my private life too.

In my late 20s, when I began my own healing journey of transformation through yoga, menstrual awareness and Ayurveda, I rediscovered my own essence within my sacred heart and womb. Almost at the same time I was invited by one of my yoga teachers ‘to live from the heart’, and by the other one ‘to honour my blood and my womb’. After years living in my head and suppressing my most sacred inner cycle (my menstrual cycle), I had finally 'returned home’. And my wish is that you can ‘return home’ too and that you can feel: connected, centred, honoured, valued, held and inspired.

I have a deep reverence for the female body and her cycles and I am fascinated by how each woman’s story is held within her body. I am here to help you unfold the stories held within your own body and to (re)connect to your innate inner wisdom.

I have been especially drawn to work with mothers from the very beginning of my holistic path: ‘mother the mothers’ my heart told me during a powerful meditation, years before I became a mother myself. And this work with mothers has brought so much healing to my own mothering journey and to all my foremothers, as every time we honour and heal our own womb we create ripples of healing through time and space.

I am honoured that you have found me and I hope you can find some inspiration through my musings and the work I offer.

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